Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Predictably Romney and Cain defend big-government TARP outrage
Sure, Mormonism’s a non-Christian cult and a hokey one at that (they keep themselves too busy to notice – I understand their missionaries predictably don’t convert many people – and their selling points are community and family values, not their theology; they want you to think they’re another conservative Protestant church) but I wonder if the media attention to arguments about Romney’s religion is a smokescreen for things like this. Doesn’t Cain know better? Part of his appeal is he’s supposed to be this bootstraps businessman who turned Godfather’s Pizza around (it shrank but didn’t go out of business), a black man who doesn’t need your pity. (Wicked smart; ex-consultant to the Navy.)

Other than that I don’t care about the presidential religion, per the First Amendment. Ron Paul’s a casual Protestant churchgoer.

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