Friday, October 28, 2011

Roissy vs Christian white knights (conservative traditionalists) about women
Hypergamy, or fallen human nature in women: lust and greed, or their natural attraction to high-status men (alphas in pickup-artist jargon) has gone wrong. (The sort of thing noxious trash like ‘Sex and the City’ celebrates.) As a reader recently reminded me, Roissy seems hard on nice-guy providers (betas in PUAspeak) but I think he actually writes to help them. His proposed best thing society can do for them, repeated here, is get rid of no-fault divorce.

Again underneath the foul-mouthed bluster he’s a stone-cold realist about human nature, which makes him profoundly conservative.

Reminds me of an event I went to recently in which I got to ask a female star in my biz about its future. She basically agreed with me that print will dwindle but not that it will essentially disappear. ‘I’m platform-agnostic.’ So am I. But the main point is the event was a rich private girls’ school opening some sort of think-tank/teacher-training scheme to better teach girls. Well and good. Not good was the ‘women are better than men’ song and dance accompanying all this, from the star guest speaker to the cute but by no means sweet verse one of the school’s younger pupils read. (Cue ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ rightly making fun of this through its rich, white, doubtfully male hippie boomer teacher character swallowing it all.) Like the misguided justice that pushes racial quotas and excuses black-on-white crime. Just what the world needs, more princesses on pedestals.

Sincere white knights want fair play for women (individual liberty; amen – not group rights); well and good but this feminism isn’t about that. And they want to celebrate all the great things about the feminine, but pedestals aren’t the way to go.

Again, with the fall we sinned all.

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