Tuesday, November 01, 2011

  • Something appropriately pious for All Saints’, from a bishop I’m acquainted with: O ye Angels and Archangels; ye Thrones and Dominions; ye Principalities and Powers and heavenly Virtues; ye Cherubim and Seraphim; O ye Patriarchs and Prophets and holy Doctors of the Law; O ye Apostles and Martyrs of Christ; ye holy Confessors and Virgins of the Lord; ye blessed Hermits and all other Saints of God; offer for us your intercessions. Blessed Feast of All Saints!
  • Never was overly impressed by Opus Dei (yes, I’ve read The Way) – Novus Ordo religion and neoconnish politics – but according to this it deserves some of its good rep. Like the old lady at St Rita’s on South Broad in South Philly 40 years ago, St Josemaría didn’t believe in that sh*t. Said the new Mass once, hated it and got an indult.
  • Russian Orthodox revival. Sure, it’s much bigger than under the last year of Communism but I understand Russia’s still largely irreligious: not Bad Catholic lax; unchurched.

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