Monday, November 21, 2011

Fisking Sisk: on well-meaning Christians trying to control the economy
Like with its support for the civil-rights movement 45 years ago (which really was or became group rights, racial spoils/preferences, ‘diversity’) the mainline means well here just like some Vatican officials (sanctified welfare state with family values). In other words here Bishop Sisk sounds a bit like the Pope.

The other side’s right that capitalism/the market/libertarianism isn’t a complete worldview/religion. Bishop Sisk as a mainline minister doesn’t believe in an infallible church/magisterium so to fill the gap, and probably to respect freedom of religion, he falls back on ‘the community’s wider values’. Pretty good as far as natural law and natural virtue go but human nature’s fallen so no to mob rule: as Chris Johnson points out, the mob can go for some horrible things. (Also, a fungible church running only on ‘the community’s wider values’ is self-refuting.) Individual rights not group rights; the golden rule in political form, libertarianism’s do-no-harm/nonaggression principle (don’t start fights but defend yourself), under which Catholics and non can get along.

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