Friday, November 18, 2011

From Cracked
  • Five scientific advances that should have changed everything.
  • The seven dumbest things students do when cramming for exams. If you’ve ever been to college, or a coffee shop within two miles of one, you’ve seen a student painting their notes like a My Little Pony in drag. In Thailand.
  • Christianity is not big in Japan; less than one percent of the population is Christian. So you wouldn’t think Christmas would be a big deal, but man do the Japanese people love them some Santa! Godzilla comes and Hello Kitty goes, but for some reason Santa endures in Japan. Not that they’re totally clear on the subject. Imagine you got a job at a nuclear power plant and taught yourself how to do it from old “Simpsons” episodes. That’s kind of how Japan goes about the whole “Christmas” thing. As I wrote earlier, the Japanese respect Americans for defeating them and the occupiers were/are relatively kind (Japan doesn’t need to be an American protectorate now) so they got Christmas, but not Christianity (been trying since St Francis Xavier; after a wave of persecution it didn’t take), from us. So a little like the people St Paul was trying to preach to at the Areopagus (doing his best Socrates impression), they sort of worship a god they don’t know. (Sidebar: Google the history of the kakure kirishitan, descendants of early Japanese Catholics.)

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