Tuesday, November 08, 2011

From LRC
  • A gang. I’m not anti-military and there’s the nature of war in which we all sin but yeah. Criminal. Laurence Vance: I have noticed that many people, including several preachers I have heard over the years, criticize the government and say that we can’t trust the government or that the government is corrupt or evil. Yet, these are the same people that praise the military every chance they get. It’s as though the military is not part of the government. The truth, of course, is that the military is the president’s personal attack force and the government’s enforcer.
  • Godvernment.
  • Refuting anti-libertarian bunk: ‘without government we’d (the old and sick) all die soon’ or ‘libertarianism is selfish’. I am reminded of a talk given by Frank Chodorov many decades ago. Chodorov was being very critical of government welfare programs in general, and was asked by a listener: “But what will happen to sick, elderly people?” Chodorov replied: “They’ll be left to die in the streets the way they used to.” The listener retorted: “When did that ever take place?” to which Chodorov answered: “Exactly.”
  • The latest news from the pseudo-liberal wing of the United States political system is that “liberal” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has increased certain fines for using a car while engaging in activities that Emanuel and all the other political thugs in the government haven’t given we the sheeple “permission” to do with our own bodies – e.g., to possess recreational drugs or solicit prostitutes. And writing of prostitution, I’d like to paraphrase the late great George Carlin: Selling is legal. Sex is legal. So how come selling sex is illegal? Right. This falls apart with abortion of course thanks to the non-aggression/do-no-harm principle: then it’s not about ‘a woman’s own body’ but the new person’s, so I think the proposed personhood amendment in Mississippi is good. Re: ‘that’s just your opinion!’ and ‘you’re trying to force religion on people’, I understand that science leans more towards life at conception. The pro-death argument is just politicking. (Like allowing exceptions for rape and incest, which makes no moral sense.) The Chicago story also reminds me of the nuisance taxes governments are piling on because they’re broke in this depression. BTW abortion is at least 90% of what Planned Parenthood does.

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