Friday, November 18, 2011

From RR
  • Another one on what’s wrong with OWS. The movement isn’t really standing up to power. It is standing in for power to urge that the state take on more responsibilities and control people’s lives even more than it does already. They imagine that they are demanding human rights, but the main agenda as listed in public websites amounts to a list of ways for the government to violate human rights, or at least intrude aggressively upon them. Put another way, what the fed-directed cops just did to them, they want to do to you and me ‘for our own good’ (or, um, they just want our money, OK?). His parallel to the anti-Vietnam War movement doesn’t hold though. They were spoiled kids looking for a way to party on our dime too, and at heart not for peace either with their ideas about the government dead wrong (‘carrying pictures of Chairman Mao’... even John Lennon, a man who owed it all to capitalism, called bullsh*t). Hillary ‘Lady MacDeath’ Clinton cut her teeth in the so-called antiwar movement.
  • Mainstream GOP economic proposals actually from Communist countries.
  • Tibor Machan visits Moscow.

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