Monday, November 21, 2011

From RR
  • Memo shows how seriously PTB take OWS. It has potential.
  • Too bad it’s wrong about capitalism.
  • The sinful state.
  • Middle class in big trouble.
  • Progressives today say people should come before profits. Now in a privilege-ridden corporate state, that’s a worthy goal, though Progressives have no clue how to achieve it. How nice it would be if they were equally committed to putting people before bureaucracy. Here they fall down rather badly because their signature ideas would subordinate regular people to the dictates of the power structure.
  • Cain: so what? Shall we choose our next president based on who smooched whom behind the bleachers in the eighth grade? But let’s say Mr. Cain is guilty as charged. So what? America is interviewing for a new federal CEO, not a priest or a Scout troop leader. Now, is it any loss that this politically motivated attack may derail Herman Cain’s presidential candidacy?

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