Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From RR
  • NYC razes OWS. My feelings are mixed as they’ve been about OWS all along. Like with the Tea Party, so much potential. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. An LRC writer yesterday saw that potential in the pro-Joe Pa riot. (About justice and on behalf of a man of the old American culture. Objecting to the injustice to him and caring about the kids are not mutually exclusive.) Reminds me a little of the Bonus Army and its outcome in the other depression only those men arguably earned what they were asking for. On the other hand, like with the hippies, spoiled rich kids partying, asking Daddy Government for a raise in their allowance (that is, they want to extort money from you and me ‘because I want it, OK?’) and showing off how nice they think they are (how much they care about the poor) by having campouts (aw, look, they made a fort), which I’ve never been to because I’m one of the 99% who has to work for a living (on the clock since 4 this morning, kiddos). If I worked in town I wouldn’t want to literally find or smell sh*t in the walkers’ tunnels either. Sure, part of me likes to see cops beat up hippies but I know better about civil rights.
  • Economic law vs OWS.
  • All process and no principle.
  • Harry Browne on the Libertarian position on abortion.
  • Lech Walesa: What has struck me the most as I have followed the protests on television and in the social media is that the protesters generally know that the status quo should not be tolerated, but are a lot less clear and unified about what they want to replace it with. In the war of ideas, it’s not enough just to be against something; you have to be for something that is sound as well.
  • Allowing people their natural freedom.
  • Pat Buchanan: return of the War Party?

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