Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Locally I voted Republican
In Pennsylvania I’m a funny Republican on paper so I can vote in primaries for people like Ron Paul (why I did it in ’08; that and the Libertarian candidate wasn’t really a libertarian). Small-town Republicanism – no new taxes and pro-small business – sounds good to me. Not the welfare and warfare of the national GOP. So I figure it can’t hurt.

(My county has a tradition of some boroughs and Irish-Americans being Republican. True story.)

There are more-libertarian-than-thous, anarchists who hate voting, the military on principle (Laurence Vance) and the police on principle (Will Grigg). Obviously I’m not one of them. I listen to anarchists, and support Vance’s and Grigg’s whistleblowing, documenting soldiers and cops at their worst, but with the opinion of the church I hold there’s a small place for the state. The SAT word for that is minarchism.

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