Tuesday, November 01, 2011

  • ‘Herman Cain made me uncomfortable! Wah!’ Really. That’s the worst you can come up with? ‘Inappropriately Behaving Herman’? I don’t think he committed any crimes. I just don’t like his brand of conservatism; his views are all I care about. I don’t dislike the man and like his image, which p*sses off blacktivists and SWPLs. Unlike the president, a real black man and one who doesn’t need or want your pity. (Rather than demonstrate like an idiot in the late ’60s he worked hard at math and science.)
  • Kim Kardashian, somebody I hardly give a second thought to other than for the obvious reasons that she’s striking and attractive. What exactly has she accomplished? Didn’t follow the hype, none of my business, sorry it ended up this way but boy, does she look foolish. Give the gifts and money back. She’s like Cher without the singing talent AFAIK. Very pretty woman of Armenian heritage but not culture; I don’t think she’s ever seen an altar curtain.

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