Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State, a perv and Joe Paterno thrown under the bus
I don’t follow football – I’m strange, but don’t mind if you do – but this seems outrageous. He doesn’t deserve a free pass because of his record. I’m the last person to make excuses for this crime (lost a friend when I refused to excuse priests) but Joe Pa (second-generation, from Brooklyn, like people I know) seems a genuinely nice fellow and it seems he did the right thing. When someone told him his then-assistant Jerry Sandusky is a pervert (a crime since he broke one of the last taboos and preyed on little boys), he reported it to his bosses, who did wrong by ignoring it (worshipping football and the school’s reputation: he who saves his life will lose it, and Penn State lost its rep spectacularly). He wasn’t indicted like the Penn State officials who were and deserve it. So Penn State deserves its bad rep and press. What does it do? Puts on a show of contrition, which needs a scapegoat. So they fire the man after 61 years (a man of the golden era) – with a phone call. What I said about the bad rep.

The kids rioted.

Regarding painting over Sandusky’s face in a mural, understandable and probably right but what happened to the American way of innocent until proven guilty?

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