Saturday, November 12, 2011

Japanese swing girls

Swing Girls
Japanese band plays ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’
The Japanese take American culture very seriously, and excel at just about everything they try.
They like it very much (an Orthodox priest I know lived in Japan), which is part of the Engrish phenomenon that comes from people not knowing English well (‘Hello, chief! Let’s talk, why not? I’ll give you premium answer question, 100%!’). They make mistakes either trying to write instructions for a product or trying to write T-shirt slogans in American slang (a sweet girl wearing a shirt that says ‘F*ck’ for example). Like the kanji-tattoo fad here some years ago: the language is decoration that’s not understood. Of course it works both ways: bad Japanese in a gaijin (non-Japanese) accent is sort of a national joke.

The original:

Reminds me: on Veterans Day I saw a double feature, Tora! Tora! Tora! (again) and The Longest Day.

As much as I love the Greatest Generation, I don’t hate the Japanese. Provoked by Roosevelt (God have mercy on him for several reasons) they attacked military targets and had no intention of trying to conquer the US (to compete economically with the British, Americans and Dutch, they wanted an Asian empire like the US dominating the Western Hemisphere). Is the movie true that the Japanese meant to declare war before the attack but a malfunction (bad atmospheric conditions) delayed the message so the Americans thought it was a sneak attack?

Amazing that after nuking them (which was a war crime, as decent people then, from Admiral Leahy to Fr Feeney, knew), they like us.

As for D-Day and all that, it’s a huge part of our national myth but I’m not sold on the cause of helping the USSR win the war in Europe (worse than the Nazis, with Roosevelt handing them half of Europe – Communists had pretty well infiltrated the government).

America first: the Soviets and Nazis could have destroyed each other and that would have been that. Hitler flaked in the Battle of Britain: he didn’t want to squash the British. He hated the Russians and went after them, and that’s what did him in. The Germans were smart and skilled (Hitler was crazy but his generals were smart) but the Russians outnumbered them and had the weather (winter) on their side.


  1. You are a "History Revisionist" who doesn't know what the hell you're talking about..... No intention of trying to conquer the U.S.? WTF do you call Pearl Harbor - Japanese "tourism"...... They sailed for days under strict radio silence, so as not to tip the Americans as to the "sneak attack" about to be "dropped" on a quiet Sunday morning..... Your commentary has nothing to do with "Swing Girls" - crawl back in your hole...............

    1. I call the Pearl Harbor attack a smartly executed imitation of the British carrier-plane attack on Taranto, Italy, on something not technically part of the United States yet, and on military targets (the naval base and Army air field, not the city of Honolulu; we fire-bombed Tokyo and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, war crimes). The Japanese acted out of desperation because we were killing them economically (an embargo and freezing assets); Roosevelt and the Reds in his government trying to sucker Americans into a war we didn't want. Japan neither wanted to nor had the means to rule the United States. It just wanted a local empire in Asia, much like how the United States controls the Western Hemisphere. We could have made a deal with imperial Japan just like we did with Red China 30 years later. But it was noble of Americans to defend our own people, the Australians, when the British couldn't anymore; even after centuries of American independence, we're still family. I'm not saying the Japanese were saints (they waterboarded prisoners of war, for which we executed some of them; their culture was/is a hive one with little regard for individual life) but it wasn't really our fight.


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