Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why aren’t more Catholics for Ron Paul?
  • Because politically they’re a microcosm of/just like everybody else.
  • Because most of them still think they’re beholden to the Dems dating back to the immigrant union days before the Dems went all wacky social liberal. This old loyalty is of course reinforced by secular culture now (PC). (Liberation theology was an offshoot of this, now just a bunch of old cranks if they’re still around.)
  • Because the self-consciously orthodox are either a wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP neocons (Manion’s point here) and/or protty right, such as it is (overrated bogeyman of the mainstream left really), or they’re into distributism and other naive Catholic Social Teaching™ (sanctified social democracy/welfare state run by ‘enlightened rulers’ who write family values into law and force the successful to share with the poor; trads substitute a king or Franco for social democracy); they think libertarianism is selfish and Protestant. (The protty right/Moral Majority was at most a footnote in the ’80 election. Enough already.)
  • In short, for their own hysterical raisins, a big peer-pressure liberal herd and a smaller red-state herd. Back to ‘just like everybody else’.
From LRC.

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