Friday, December 02, 2011

The algebra of divorce
Divorce = (Self-Love + High Expectations) × Stupidity
From Taki. Long story short, lots of people are childishly selfish.
What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.
– Don Draper, amoral so part of the same problem that caused the hippie ’60s (‘I live like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t; the universe is indifferent’; sounds pretentious but he and the show pull it off), like what really happened, but a real man from a better culture (which aspect, the nihilism or the nostalgia, explains most of the show’s following? ‘I’m enjoying it ironically’... yeah, you really like it)
These TV husbands bring you breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, they remember your birthday and anniversary and never forget to send flowers or throw surprise parties, they are never grumpy or tired – in essence, they are flawless.
Anybody who buys this (and much in movies and TV doesn’t try to sell it but reflects timeless truths): Roissy, stat. Just a bit of (a-hole) game (it’s a skill, not a whole worldview) to balance out the syrup and everybody’s happier.

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