Saturday, December 10, 2011

Britain backs off from EU


A freely, free-market-driven German-led Western Europe makes sense. But then the Germans had to commit demographic suicide and blow it.

Hooray for Little England and national sovereignty. (Mental picture: Battle of Britain footage.) No to the euro: smart move.

But the British pulled off independence from the continental powers (beating Napoleon for example) because of their big overseas empire (go beat the Indians and Africans instead of fighting the French or the Germans, when possible), which since WWI arguably has really been run by its ex-colony based in Washington.

A freely, free-market-driven dominant Anglosphere (America plus the 19th-century empire) is/would be a good thing too.

But isn’t the Anglosphere/empire/Commonwealth idea politically just another form of liberal globalism/statism? Only it seems quaint to Americans so they think it’s conservative?

(Sidebar: Paul Fussell explains snob anglophilia in American culture. ‘I’m better than you because my family was powerful back when Britain was powerful. That’s how we picked up all this culture.’)

That’s what the Council on Foreign Relations originally was about. The Rhodes plan, as in Rhodes scholars: keep the empire going even as a stealth thing... the shift of power from London to Washington fitting into that, or a Plan B when WWI and the Depression drove the old empire broke?

The Rockefeller Republicans, not your nice small-town, mind-your-own-business Republicans.

(It’s always been anti-Catholic too. Just like the more recent left it’s a substitute religion, a rival, fake universal church. Protestantism, the ‘Enlightenment’, Freemasonry, a force to be reckoned with in Europe; in WWI telling off the Pope and the Austrian emperor; it’s all connected.)

My guess is most of the British sensibly want what’s best for themselves and would rather not be either under a German United States of Europe nor Airstrip One in the American New World Order (which Britain’s been since WWII... the opposite of what Churchill wanted?)... if they can pull it off (a necessary evil: a Britain with nukes but nukes it really controls, not Washington... like Russia).

So Cameron’s talking about Britain’s best interests.


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