Thursday, December 15, 2011

From LRC
  • On unions and getting good deals online.
  • ‘Sulu’ on where no man or woman should ever have gone. FDR’s government (can’t blame the Old Right) put him, an American, in concentration camps during WWII for ‘looking like the enemy’. (Who didn’t have to be an enemy. All Japan wanted was an Asian empire. Nothing to do with the US including a kid from Los Angeles.) Fact: J. Edgar Hoover opposed it. Because he thought his FBI could deal with any sabotage (there wasn’t any from Japanese-Americans, and in Hawaii, where there were many, I think they were left alone because moving them was impossible) and he was enough of a gentleman of the old republic to know it was wrong. No, the progressives used blatant racism to get what they wanted.
BTW, strange how Admiral Kimmel was scapegoated for Pearl Harbor but General MacArthur, then a government fave, wasn’t for the attack on the Philippines.

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