Monday, December 12, 2011

From LRC
  • These periodic shows are not debates, but auditions. Would-be stars and starlets get up on the stage not to impress voters – who will have little say in selecting the next White House sock puppet – but the show’s producers (i.e., the institutional establishment owners) who keep the boobeoisie buying tickets every four years. The owners want to find out which candidate can most readily recite the lines of the script they seek to perform; who can best appeal to the emotions and sentiments of audiences; who can look and sound “presidential,” so as to assure Boobus that his fate, and that of his family, are directed by the whims of one they can trust! Ron Paul is anathema to the institutional owners for one reason: he wants to change the script!
  • The DC definition of terrorism: Defending your country from violent invasion, occupation, mass death and property destruction – if the invader is DC.
  • How will change come about? The government is buying off discontent with food stamps and unemployment benefits. It is hoping that more inflation will stimulate the economy for awhile. But all of this in the longer run simply reduces the country’s productivity and increases the pressure from below for change. A collision is in the making between the people and their rulers because the political outlets for change are being blocked by the two parties, whose nominees are offering more of the same. What will happen? Most of the scenarios are ugly. If the establishment stays unresponsive, one major possibility is that the force that will batter the establishment (and Americans too) will be financial. In this scenario, the U.S. will go the way of Greece and Italy. The deficits and debts will eventually lead to a rejection of U.S. government debt and higher interest rates. That will force the government to retrench. This will lead to draconian powers coming out of Washington. There will be more inflation. Deep fractures will appear among Americans as people thrash around for solutions and new arrangements. A second ugly possibility is that the rulers start to scapegoat certain Americans and institute even more socialist/fascist policies. A third ugly possibility is that the establishment ramps up a major war.
  • As much as many folks understand the real aim of the government’s war on guns, less is known about the government’s war on preparedness. Survivalists, off-the-grid folks, gun “nuts” and now, preppers who are determined to stay self-sufficient (and alive and crime-free) in times of hardship are being openly targeted by the feds.
  • Ron Paul in three-word slogans.
  • Another approach to quickly and dramatically shrink government would be to allow every politician who votes for spending cuts to legally share in a pool of money consisting of, say, 1% of all real cuts in government spending. Since these public "servants" are really in politics to enrich themselves, we can assume that the voting for cuts will be unanimous. In that case, for every one trillion dollars cut, each of our 535 servants could legally become $18,691,588 richer! What lobbyist or pressure group can offer such an incentive to vote a certain way?
  • Gingrich is basically saying we should have two governments in the United States: one that follows the Bill of Rights and one that doesn’t (for our “security,” of course). Don’t worry folks; this over-the-hill boor will not be the next Puppet-in-Chief of the United States. He’s just the current entertainer (more specifically, clown) on the stage of the “Government Is Necessary, so It’s Important To Exercise Your Right To Vote” show.
  • Laurence Vance on Advent’s culture-wars red herring: I have been wished both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays several times this week. I mention this because every year some Christians get so upset about people, and especially store employees, saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. As a Christian myself, I accept the Christ of Christmas, but not much else about the day. Do I think that people who say Happy Holidays are pagans and against Christ? No, not at all. For some people, like teachers and those lucky enough to get the time off, the whole period from Christmas to New Year’s Day is one big holiday so Happy Holidays is appropriate. I wish my fellow Christians would get upset about something that matters, like thousands of kids with a dead father this Christmas because he got killed fighting some senseless foreign war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • Somebody else who thought capitalism’s bad.
  • Neocons: It is they who were all Democrats who were (and are) fully on board with the welfare state in particular and Big Government in general, and only became Republicans because they wanted a much larger warfare state to go along with an exploding welfare state. There was never anything “conservative” about any of them, especially the self-described “godfather” of neoconservatism, the late Irving Kristol. Kristol once wrote in his son’s tabloid, The Weekly Standard, that the only reason the neocons supported Reaganomics was that they understood that a world empire required a boatload of money to finance it. Freedom, Shreedom was their motto. In the same article Kristol ridiculed and smeared F.A. Hayek for his genuinely conservative, limited-government views as expressed in some of his writings. (Although Hayek was more of a social democrat than a libertarian.)
  • More of the Ron Paul blackout.
  • In the depression, the government stealth-taxes by jacking up traffic tickets.
  • Wendy McElroy’s wrong about Ron Paul. Left-libertarians if they’re really libertarians and not just leftists can get along with religio-social conservatives, and the latter can support and live in a free society. (The non-aggression/do-no-harm rule is common ground.) And Paul’s not, by many people’s standards, religious. He’s an occasional Protestant churchgoer. No threat to the Constitution so no problem.
  • James Altucher on if he were president:

    Executive Order #1:
    Immigration. As long as they don’t have criminal records, anyone can come into the United States. As for current illegal aliens, I’d get rid of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which made it illegal to hire an illegal immigrant.

    Here are my questions about immigration that I have for people who are running for President.

    - Where the hell did you come from? Or, if not you, your ancestors.

    - Who is cleaning the dishes and prepping the food at
    EVERY restaurant in NYC? Even when I go for expensive sushi, except for the Japanese sushi guy on display at front everyone else hidden in the back is from Mexico.

    - For the first time in 50 years, Indians and Chinese are staying home and starting semiconductor companies. The head of a major graduate school said this is the first time he’s seen a year over year decline in Indian applicants. That’s bad news! The Indian Institute of Technology is the best undergraduate tech college(s) in the world! We need the grads of that school to start semiconductor companies in the US.

    - It’s not like that law protected American jobs. Born and raised Americans don’t want to be nannies or slice up onions for a living (on the whole).

    - In fact, official employment went down because people started to hire freelancers to do jobs so as to remove the risk they were officially hiring an illegal immigrant.

    - My wife was at one time an immigrant. She fought hard to come to America, stay in America, survive in America, and succeed in America. That’s what America is about.

    - What about terrorists? Only 2% of currently illegal immigrants are from the entire Middle East and that includes Israel.

    Well, what if they are already an illegal immigrant. No problem! Amnesty! Unless they have a criminal record. Then get out! There’s 12mm illegal immigrants out there.

    Executive Order #2:
    TAX HOLIDAY! No taxes for a year. Oh, wait, who would pay for all the bombing in Afghanistan? Who would pay for the food sent to our 18-year-old girls who are shipped to Iraq? But first, let me ask you this: who is a better allocator of your money: YOU or Timothy Geithner? If the answer is Timothy then feel free to send in your money. If you think you will do better for the country with your money (spending it, hiring people, etc.) then don’t write a check. At ease, soldier. Do what you were doing. Keep collecting taxes on corporations. But no more individual income taxes. I need my money!

    The Constitution has been warped, ripped, distorted, and the tiny pieces of paper that fell to the floor have been pasted back together again in all sorts of weird shapes. Congress was established because it was impossible for people (before phones and telegraphs) in Washington to communicate the laws back to constituents so they can vote on them. So, a group of elected officials would hang out in the nation’s capital and vote on everything.

    Well, we clearly don’t need that anymore. So what else don’t we need? A constitutional convention should happen that goes step by step through every Article and Amendment and figure out what we really need.

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