Thursday, December 15, 2011

From the Mail
  • Vocal fry. The white American girl voice (of a certain class on up) is changing or at least has a new fad. Young girls are imitating the stars, toughening up their voices so the Valley Girl tones (I remember when that wasn’t) now have a creaky growl to them. Talking like Ke$ha. This might surprise you but I don’t dislike it like I do Valley, and I like Ke$ha’s vocal hook. (Another one I like who might surprise you: Cee Lo Green. He’s basically in the Motown tradition vocally.) A thought: it sounds like a whiskey voice or somebody who smokes. Reason I don’t hate it though I like a pure, Valley-less tone best: unlike Valley, which seems to be trying to sound juvenile (grown women who sound like spoiled 11-year-olds), vocal-fryers are trying to sound grown-up. Fun fact from Cracked: Moon Unit Zappa recorded ‘Valley Girl’ 30 years ago to make fun of that type, which she went to school with and didn’t like. Promoting that style was the opposite of what she wanted. (Like her dad on disco with ‘Dancin’ Fool’.)
  • Respect and the Greatest Generation. Pearl Harbor vets flip off obnoxious TV crew.
  • Trout pout. Plastic surgery gone bad. Long story short, ladies, don’t have your lips done.
  • Auctioning off the last stunt General Lee. Not my thing but nice. I’m sure at least one of the non-stunt cars is in a collection or museum. Yee ha.

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