Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From RR and Thomas Knapp
  • Looks like Saab Automobile is about to go under.
  • Knapp is a libertarian non-Ron Pauler, which can be good because he doesn’t write about him like a fan. His mild defense of Paul.
  • Paulitics 101. I’m neither PC (I read Sailer) nor a race-baiter (Takimag is sometimes rude). I don’t think it’s blind fandom that Paul’s position seems, to me, about individual liberty, not race, left or right. That’s as it should be and all that matters. Interesting about pork. As another writer online pointed out, that’s part of Paul’s job as a congressman. I don’t necessarily care, on principle or emotionally, about my stories’ subjects or the pages that get printed, but on my word I do the best job I can on them as long as I’m paid to be responsible for them. (Three 10-plus-hour days a week, starting at oh-dark-hundred, so my real hours are at least 50-some. No overtime.) Paul might not really believe in pork but that’s what he’s paid to do. He’s a man of his word, but, as Knapp concedes, how many libertarians are successful politicians? Paul’s aced that. Also, because of the Dinkins effect and the depression, I don’t think Obama’s a shoo-in this time (he was last time: white guilt + Bush backlash). Either vote in a real change candidate or business as usual with the Mormon robot.
  • Crony college capitalism.

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