Monday, December 26, 2011

From RR
  • How Ron Paul should handle the embarrassing newsletters. More. Of course they’re gunning for him now that he has a chance. I’m not knee-jerk PC; I read Sailer. I understand the paleo strategy. Paul was politicking. In Texas. But race-baiting of course goes against everything libertarianism stands for. Paul’s principles, not the politicking, are all that have mattered to me. RR’s view: Paul should come clean, admitting the paleo play was his mistake and instead reminding people of his principles. ‘It was wrong and I’m sorry.’ No ugly collectivism, right or left.
  • Make the payroll-tax cut permanent. By shrinking the government, not just slowing down the spending hikes, which is what the mainstream pols are doing.
  • Merry Zagmuk. Keep the government out of Christmas so we can celebrate unhindered.
  • Does a simple Firefox add-on make SOPA useless?

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