Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Takimag
  • Taki himself: Victimhood is de rigueur in today’s politically correct culture. Take, for example, a real outrage – aid for Africa to fight so-called “climate change.” It is beyond belief that as Britain teeters on bankruptcy and cuts pensions, the usual claptrap is being bandied around and one billion pounds are supposedly on their way to that unhappy continent. How many Range Rovers does one billion pounds buy? How many yachts, how many large houses on the Riviera or in Switzerland? Because that’s where the billion pounds will end up, and I’ll perform a sex act on Brian Sewell if it doesn’t.
  • I’m looking forward to print going away. I like fielding story leads by e-mail, driving around a beat videoing them, then pulling over somewhere and creating, instantly compared to older media (live TV is still king of course). I recently got to ask Tina Brown if she thought print has a future, and she said yes but of course much diminished, and ‘I’m platform-agnostic’ so fine with her. Fine with me too but how do you make money off online publishing? Turns out those at the top might not know either. Again Mr Theodoracopulos: Tina is living dangerously on Barry Diller’s stockholders’ dime to the tune of more than $10 million per annum. That’s what her website loses, yet Diller calls it a success. I’d do the same if I had suckers paying for it. Brown has probably lost more money over the 25 years she’s been an American editor than anyone ever, yet she manages to keep finding people to invest in her. What was that about a sucker being born every minute? Over 25 years she’s probably set the record for financial losses in publishing. Good for you, Tina.
  • Government spending’s gone up, up, up since 1954.

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