Thursday, December 08, 2011

No, Virginia, you’re being lied to
Always perceptive about only a few things, I knew by age 5 there’s no Santa. My mother said that’s what a myth is so out of that I learned a new word. Appreciating things like the real St Nicholas came in my teens as I got into Anglo-Catholicism.

I read Sailer. Race exists. But the answer is individual liberty. No race-based anything, or on-average racial differences are none of the government’s business. Neither blood-and-soil race-baiting (which Takimag not at its best rolls around in... reactionary, anti-PC cred?) nor ‘diversity’ as in unmerited promotions, in this case for non-Asian minorities. (Can’t pass the fireman’s test? That’s not racist, and not my problem. I don’t care what race you are; can you put out fires?) Against Sailer and his friends, as long as you obey our Anglo-Saxon do-no-harm rule (the golden rule, or the duty that goes along with rights in libertarianism), y’all are welcome.

Then there’s this truth from Sailer and, recently in Takimag, Derb:
In the 1960s, at about the same time as their American cousins, British socialists and love-the-world globalists realized that mass Third World immigration was a marvelous weapon to wield against both their native working class, who were getting ideas above their station, and domestic conservatives and traditionalists of all kinds, whom the globalists needed to delegitimize.

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