Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second period of Muslim power
Of course I agree with Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann (just another, sorry, dumb right-wing pol... another Palin... not joining in the left’s hatefest but I’d never vote for her). I don’t hate them and am not out to get them... as long as they play nice here and with me, following the do-no-harm/non-aggression rule (the criterion for immigration: I don’t care what race or religion you are; welcome, but if you don’t play nice, out you go). That said, speaking of that rule (individual rights), you don’t want to live in a Muslim country (Not Without My Daughter... pre-war Iraq was secular with a Muslim population; big difference)... Pat may be fear-mongering/race-baiting but if they are on average not that smart (which may well be), are they really a threat? Don’t want them hijacking planes and flying them into buildings? Stop propping up Israel. (Jeremiah Wright, quoting somebody on our own foreign policy biting us in the ass, was right.) From Takimag.

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