Saturday, December 24, 2011

Taki on Brussels boneheads and NYT hypocrisy
Just think how Belle Époque Vienna was infatuated with modernity, style, and glamour, then how by the end of World War I the place was full of starving veterans huddling outside restaurants looking for bits of food. The clowns in Brussels have come up with an aspirin and they expect us to believe it’s a cure. The fools have not learned post-war Vienna’s lessons. The euro crisis is threatening their dream of technocratic dictatorship, yet all they can come up with are more demands for harsher austerity. I cheered when David Cameron said no and will cheer even louder when Britain gets out altogether.

If Switzerland is by far Europe’s most successful country and is not a member of the Brussels gang, why can’t Britain leave? The clowns allowed the PIGS to go wild, and now the same clowns will make matters worse even for those who are not responsible for the mess. Hitler must be smiling – in fact, cackling. As is Stalin. And Mussolini. (Mao is too gaga even to begin to understand). The great economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter argued that capitalism meant “incessant innovation,” something these Brussels hemorrhoids do not comprehend. He called for creative destruction at times, as when one exploits an invention rather than sticking to the old game plan until the patent is long dead. The Brussels hemorrhoids do not possess the nous or the courage to change. Thus, 2012 promises to be an even worse year than 2011.

Leave it to
The New York Times to find a front-page story unfit to print because it wasn’t anti-Catholic: The Brooklyn DA recently arrested an astounding 85 Jewish Orthodox men on charges of child sex abuse. Back in 1985 a Hasidic “therapist” was indicted for abusing five boys, but police suspected he abused more than a hundred. Avrohom Mondrowitz fled to Israel, where he remains to this day a free man. Those nice guys who shoot rock-throwing Palestinian children refuse to extradite him. Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes now has to tread carefully. Fifty rabbis have signed a public announcement in Yiddish denouncing the Hasidic family who went to the cops. They asked – now get this – for any believer to kill the family that informed “on fellow Jews.” So what will happen to the 85 perverts? All I know is the Times has not published a word, whereas when the Catholic Church sex scandal broke, it led the news in the front page for months. There is something very evil when rabbis who hate the non-Jewish world can dictate to an abused child’s parents whether or not to talk to the mostly non-Jewish fuzz. If some parent were to go and firebomb the Times, we might see it appear on the back pages.

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