Sunday, January 15, 2012

Aslan’s story
From ham-fisted Jesus metaphor to bewildered kitty. (Not an atheist taunt: the sound Catholic Tolkien thought Narnia was Lewis’ dumb ripoff of his work.) He lives in the basement of the house I live in. His person left him behind after a breakup so the ex had to put up with his nervous breakdown, peeing on things (‘he’s mad’ – of course!). So he seemed to have been banished to the unfinished basement, though Ollie says he’s happier there. Doesn’t look it. His parents were outdoor cats – feral? So it seems he’d be happier as a barn cat than a house pet (he’s unsocial but not vicious) but as he’s crazy and never lived outdoors (he’s always trying to get out though), he can’t hunt.

Looks like Morris if he starved himself to Mr Bigglesworth’s weight.

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