Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Binks mega-post
  • A tribute to Byzantium, long the front in the war against Islam. Regular readers know I don’t Muslim-bait/bash (mainstream pols’ scare tactic/Two Minutes’ Hate – it’s not ‘they hate our freedom’ bullsh*t; stay the hell out of it in Palestine etc. and leave them alone) but it’s a false religion. (I think Binks and I are 180 on Israel.) Turkey is really Greece.
  • Leftard bullying, or the Niceness Police versus a schoolkid over nothing. The road to hell and all that, or from well-meant lefty charity (Christianity minus Christ or common sense it seems), good Lord, deliver us.
  • O tempora over the Costa Concordia. Don’t blame Italians (evviva Commandante Gregorio De Falco). The same cowardice happened aboard the Estonia.
  • Adolescence is only a marketing campaign as Frances McDormand wonderfully said at the start of Almost Famous. Something guys like Roger Sterling made up during the postwar economic and baby boom to sell stuff. Until the Victorian era and modern nanny-state, there were no teens. There were children, then young adults. Children might work in the household, farm, or family business. No extended immaturity via baby-sitting schools & party-hearty universities. Heck, these days some folks can even make it into their mid-thirties on the big baby plan.
  • Evil Google? For all the good it’s done, watch it. Big Brother.
And much more.

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