Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daniel Larison on SOTU
Sign of a country running scared, or at least its government: a whiff of fascism
Like many others, I found the attempt to compare national unity to the discipline of a military unit to be unnerving and strange. Unfortunately, if the military is one of the very few institutions that the public trusts and respects, the idea that everything else should be more like the military might start to catch on, which would be a far worse mistake than the more common error of thinking that the government should function just like a business. The idea that “we” should all put aside our differences for the sake of “the mission” assumes that “we” all know what “the mission” is, and it also takes for granted that none of “us” can opt out of “the mission” but must simply do our part in making sure that “the mission” is successful.

Those sections of the speech were quite illiberal.

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