Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feminism and affirmative action: the road to hell and all that
The American College just did a little survey of small-business owners and found that most prefer a financial adviser of the same sex.

So what’s the experts’ answer? Try to get more women to be financial advisers to please women clients. It’s about financial companies’ making more money by pandering, not trying to give the best service.

Reminds me of learning from Cracked that one condescending company thought it would be a winner to sell hammers and screwdrivers to ladies by painting them pink.

Please. Any owner with a brain doesn’t care which sex you are but if you know numbers.

Folk wisdom: most men are better at math. Maybe not as many women want to be advisers and that’s why. No conspiracy against them.

Of course women who can do the work should have the chance to do it.

But this is ridiculous.

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