Friday, January 27, 2012

From the Anti-Gnostic
  • Weaker members of Western society have to rely on predominantly white men with unfashionable attitudes to protect them, or even to help them down some steps. The truth in Jack Nicholson’s ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ witness-stand speech in A Few Good Men, even though it’s part of a setup in the movie.
  • Obviously we do women a great disservice by forcing them into roles for which they are so manifestly unsuited, like being a riot cop. This is pure gnosticism: that the biological gender differences can be transcended through the force of correct, feminist ideology. Brian Mitchell’s Flirting with Disaster point: women in combat is dumb and dangerous.
  • Again, the feminized social-democratic elite relies on men with the capacity to do ugly things, and the corresponding reactionary attitudes, to protect them from barbarism. Then they exploit their cocooned existence by demeaning the very men who keep barbarism at bay, mocking their values and blaming them for every social ill. When such men decide that the current elite are no longer worth the pay to protect them, female government officials will become pretty scarce.
  • Real industry is sometimes dirty: Christopher Roach on SOTU ’12.
  • What the Left left behind. The working class, ethnic nationalism, environmental advocacy, anti-war and economic populism.

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