Monday, January 02, 2012

From Fr L
  • Arianism today. It’s the Modernists’ and mainliners’ soft apostasy.
  • The romance of religion. The older, bigger meaning of ‘romance’.
  • Lord of the World.
  • A pair of lists about the ordinariates meant to be fun and a tribute to the best of Anglicanism. It’s off. I think that’s because even though Fr L became a Catholic, he wasn’t one of the longtime would-be Catholics when he was C of E. They already were devoted to the Sacred Heart, relics and the rest of continental Catholic culture, and never used preaching bands or scarves, or the BCP for that matter (except sometimes for Evensong). This is about small parishes maybe with some married priests doing traditional Roman Catholicism in English. Not Donne (an ex-Catholic), Herbert, King Charles (sure, his rule, episcopacy and the BCP were better than the Roundheads but Catholics died under his rule) or any of that.
  • The Church of the Nativity broom-fight. I have a smiling respect for the clerics who threw brooms at each other and had their foolish humanity broadcast to the world. I’d rather have them than the nauseating scrubbed and smiling army of self-righteous Christians who want to impose their smiling ‘success’ on the whole world. The mainstream media don’t care about religion so they don’t report it accurately. This wasn’t an ethnic fight in the Orthodox communion but between rival one true churches that both happen to be Eastern. Part of Father’s point: better an apostolic church’s one-true-church claim than relativism.
  • English Christmas.
  • America: land of opportunity and can-do bootstraps attitude we free-marketeers love so much but watch out for social Darwinism (the prosperity gospel’s a version of it: you failed because God hates you).
  • Here’s a question I’ve wondered about for years: Why is baby Jesus, in virtually every creche I’ve ever seen, unswaddled? Doesn’t the biblical birth narrative say that the shepherds would find the baby “in swaddling clothes” lying in a manger? Lying in a diaper with arms outstretched is not “in swaddling clothes.” (At least he’s not in Pampers!)
  • John Corapi has vanished. I didn’t follow him. The Charlie Sheen of American orthodox Catholicism. Roissy on Sheen: A jerk? Crazy? Probably. A real man? You bet. Corapi has never attacked the teachings of the church. That’s all I’ll say.

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