Sunday, January 22, 2012

From Steve Sailer
  • Of course, dentists really can fill cavities, but teachers can’t actually make everybody equally smart so that, as the federal law demands, no child is left behind.
  • Judging from the small bits of modern Cuba I’ve seen in movies over the last decade, there’s an even greater irony here. Castro’s Cuba is something of a time capsule of mid-century America. As I wrote in a review of the 2004 movie-in-verse Yes by doctrinaire English leftist Sally Potter: “Ironically, Cuba turns out, due to Castro’s stultifying tyranny, to look like a well-preserved slice of the Eisenhower Era, full of ’57 Chevys and Hemingway-worshipers.” If Raymond Chandler, Robert Heinlein, James M. Cain, and Mickey Spillane decided to come back to life for one day in 2012 to take a taxi to a bar for a couple of drinks, they might well choose Havana as the place that most reminds them visually of the good old days.
  • Education majors are dumb.
  • Dumb: Olympic women’s boxing.
  • Men dominate professional comedy.
  • False flag.
  • Cruise-liner captains. Why the Costa Concordia story gave me déjà vu: the Oceanos. The John Jacob Astor story. This understated but memorable incident didn’t even make the 1997 movie Titanic, presumably because it didn’t fit the Celtic Good v. WASP Bad and Feminist (but Hot) Women v. Male Chauvinist Pigs dynamics that James Cameron suffused the movie with. Obviously, Cameron knows a lot about what contemporary audiences want to pay to see.
  • French backward in treating autism.

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