Friday, January 06, 2012

  • The big hyped story: Catholic-school closings to be announced today. Including the big archdiocesan high schools near here. Probably true: due to the depression, a secularized populace with fewer kids (the postwar baby boom and school boom weren’t normal?) and (of course this is shark chum for the anti-Catholic media) losing money from legal bills and settlements in the great clerical underage gay sex scandal (but political correctness means that the media never put it this way of course – they make like gayness is a mark of the elect) and coverup. A few reactions. ’Burbs: what Hilary says; novusordism isn’t Catholicism anyway (arguably not so anymore thanks to Pope Benedict fixing the English but the damage is done) so macht nichts. City/ghetto/slums: a shame. Some of that’s inevitable (can’t have a parish plant when all the Catholics have died or moved away) but the non-Catholic blacks want that pious, at least Christian discipline for their kids, ‘what about evangelism?’ for the true church, and hey, why not (other than residual ’70s Modernism still running the church locally, including the perv perps and enablers) bring in one of the official-church trad or conservative Novus new little religious orders teeming with vocations to run some of the parishes with schools (the consolidated Our Lady of Hope and Changes in North and West Philly)?
  • Sidebar ramble: There have always been local diocesan-only religious orders alongside the world powerhouses. (The Sisters of Charity in Doubt were Archdiocese of New York, which is why they kept the Mother Seton hat unlike the big order, which adopted a French habit.) As self-inflicted Modernism (‘renewal’ crap), the larger culture’s secularization and whites’ largely self-inflicted demographic winter* kill off the big old dinosaur orders, maybe localism/subsidiarity in this department – nimble, locally savvy and adaptable – is the way of the future for Pope Benedict’s leaner, sounder church. (*Why the libs’ game plan of clericalizing the laity in the super-duper ‘renewed’ church – everybody’s a ‘minister’ of something, like soft-selling women’s ordination by having Mom give out Communion – having the pepped-up ‘parish community’ of their fantasy do what all those extra kids turned priests and nuns used to – didn’t work. Much like their dumb politics and economics of the Great Society, assuming the postwar boom was normal and would last forever.)
  • A relic of the golden era near here is closing but probably deservedly. Sears (like the church) isn’t what it used to be; the ’50s-ish store that a flash mob robbed recently is going under.
  • Arrivederci, Genuardi’s. Sad that a vestige of localism/family biz is going but it’s long not been family but Safeway and I was unimpressed with these poorly designed, supposedly prestigious places.
  • Yikes. There was a shooting in the street a couple of blocks from home the other night.
  • I didn’t know Michael Landon grew up in Collingswood.
  • Sweet vocal harmonies: locals Boyz II Men get a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

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