Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK rundown
By which I don’t intend to run him down (philandering, plagiarism and radical leftism, the last being why principled conservatives opposed him in his day, not racism – you can read all about those elsewhere online).
  • Saying you admire him is de rigueur, especially if you’re a conservative running for office? That said, it’s not necessarily politically correct pusillanimity. Regardless of the man’s own politics, whatever they were, hooray for individual liberty, the rights to sit where you want and sit for any exam and get any job you qualify for. Not black rights. Individual rights. I have a dream today.
  • Someone explained to me years ago that 1) not all blacks in King’s day were poor (he was top-class, vacationing in the Caribbean to unwind; there was a segregated black professional class: doctors, lawyers... and ministers; both King and Jeremiah Wright come from that) and 2) his real effect was to open white society to his class: smart people able to take a place in it. Steve Sailer would agree: most didn’t. So yes, I both agree with King as far as he was pro-liberty (real equal opportunity, not racial spoils) and with Sailer on the reality I’ve seen all my life (the Man’s not keeping them down; a lot of people just aren’t very book-smart).
  • One reason I like this holiday is it’s a trip back to ’63. Which reminds me: the dog work for this movement, good, bad and well-intended, was done by ‘mid-century’, that is, the ’50s and ‘good’ ’60s. (IIRC, blame Nixon for affirmative action, in the ’70s, but he was mid-century.) The hippies didn’t do jack. Just relatively well-off white kids partying on Daddy’s dime. (In a boom economy like the one the Greatest Generation and Don Drapers built you could go slumming then drop back in any time.)
  • I think mainstream society is as afraid of freedom (they’ve been brainwashed) as it is of radical race-based collectivism so it’s funny to see, year after year, how the holiday, the image of the man, is neutered/bowdlerized. What the f*ck do kids making pillowcases for hospital patients or old-folks’ homes, let alone care packages for soldiers sent to wars, the kind of which King rightly opposed, have to do with liberty for blacks (and all people) or with King’s message? Been saying for years the next degeneration will be service projects in his name for homeless pets. It’s happened.

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