Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mormons and Episcopalians
What do they have in common besides whiteness? Both arguably are English Calvinism far worsened at the ‘Enlightenment’, one heading into unbelief tolerated in practice under an orthodox shell of creed (it’s still Christian for now) and Catholic order, the other on what looks like a drug trip or at least Joseph Smith’s fertile imagination (it’s not Christian; it’s a new gnostic religion that uses the name of Jesus; latter-day Islam minus the Arabs).

Nobody joins either for truth reasons.

Mormonism is obviously crap to anybody who really reads it; their big draw isn’t their theology but a healthy nostalgia for family-values churchianity (why the chattering left hate Mitt Romney, not for the good reasons never to vote for him). They deliberately misrepresent themselves (lie) as just another conservative Protestant church. Even their famous missions (during which young Romney almost lost his fiancée back home), which don’t really work to convert people (do you listen to door-to-door evangelism? Me neither) but like most of that social matrix (cult), keep people so busy that they can’t see the religion is a made-up bunch of hooey.

(Libertarian religious-freedom shout-out: as long as you don’t go all Warren Jeffs and hurt people, like most fundamentalist Mormon churches do, the real Mormons should be free to practise their doctrine and have multiple wives. No state interference. Islam’s sensible on that too: a man may have up to four if he can support them. So besides the law of God being written in every man’s heart, the normal way of love etc., AFAIK only the very rich like the king of Jordan do. Same for Episcopal gay weddings: even though it’s a leave-taking of reality, as long as you respect my religious freedom, don’t mind if you do!)

I’ve heard of only one Catholic, semi-famous in church circles, in at least 40 years who converted to Anglicanism for truth reasons, the late Rev. Louis Tarsitano. And he was conservative. As a seminarian apparently he read the classical English divines and thought they were telling the truth, so he became an Episcopalian and then for many years a Protestant-minded Continuer. I don’t think he did it just to be ordained and married. Just like to Bob Hart’s crew, respect.

Next to no Catholics switch, century-old Episcopal wishful thinking (let’s americanize the immigrants, now in the form of political correctness) notwithstanding. The few who do almost always do because of marriage: the boulevard of broken vows as Luke Evan recently put it. Divorced and remarried. The occasional priest or nun who wants to keep doing the only job they know but on their terms (they had to leave because they fell in love). Not that many homosexuals do because there just aren’t that many homosexuals.

Romney not only could be a central-casting president but a central-casting society-wedding Episcopal minister or the second lead in The Bishop’s Wife opposite Cary Grant.

The article Bill Tighe sent me that got me thinking about this.

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