Friday, January 27, 2012

On entrepreneurship and file-sharing
Takimag on the Kim Dotcom case. Reminds me of the Julian Assange and Bradley Manning cases: not necessarily the nicest guys but that doesn’t matter.
Have you noticed a strange undertone of snark on “60 Minutes” every time they feature an entrepreneur? Conversely, they grovel at the feet of pompous bureaucrats.
Standard lefty stuff. As Christian Lander wrote back when he was writing SWPL, the site, the way to shut them up is to bring up a corporation they like, like Ikea or Apple; the way somebody wrote on a photo of OWSers pointing out all the corporate-made gear on them. IIRC distributists/third-way-ers like neither big biz nor bureaucrats but you know my line: make a good product that benefits millions/that millions want to buy and we’ll talk.
This represents a deep divide in the American psyche. The right sees entrepreneurs as job machines who create wealth for everyone, and they view the government as a parasite thwarting both rich and poor. The left, in turn, portrays entrepreneurs as the parasites. In this instance, the left is wrong and I think it’s because they don’t understand the pie analogy. They think a rich person has taken more than his slice of the pie, which leaves less for the rest of us. They didn’t take math in college and don’t understand that “greedy” entrepreneurs keep creating more pies. While the left scoffs at the idea of more than one pie, they have no problem with Obama trying to synthesize the process by printing more money. They don’t mind the government having infinite cash, but when it comes to an individual having money to burn, they’d rather torch it all.

Big Business and Big Government, who still haven’t officially announced that they’re married, have been seeking to get even bigger lately.
It’s not about the artists.

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