Friday, January 27, 2012

Paterno’s clear conscience
Well, when dealing with a Catholic believer, it is one thing to say that he died with no regrets. No one said that. What they said is that the elderly Paterno died with a “clear conscience.”

In other words, one can assume that he said a final confession and received last rites. The contents of that confession, any regrets or mistakes that were discussed, are between the dying man, his priest and God. It’s hard to put that in a news story. I know that. However, could journalists have done a bit more to set the context of that statement?
I don’t even follow football, let alone know much about the man other than, again, Penn State threw him under the bus for their lapse, arguably killing him. (Was he a Catholic believer?)

Italians often have an interesting relationship with the church partly because that relationship is so long. Churched, some say primally Catholic, but not necessarily churchy like the Irish used to be and many Poles still are. But considering the teachings of the church, GetReligion is being logical. It wouldn’t take too much prying to find out if what they said was in the context of the church.


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