Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fire and Ice Festival, Mount Holly, NJ.

Kilroy was here.

Friendly husky.

They ‘sing’ (try to talk, halfway between barking and howling) like Mishka on YouTube. They had a sled demo running a lap pulling a practice sled on bicycle-like wheels in the grass and mud.

Hooray for La Vita’s Pizzeria.

One of those year-round Christmas shops, in a little 200-year-old house.

Revolutionary War re-enactors.

Because the winners write the history, most don’t remember it was a civil war. Benedict Arnold (whom the British didn’t like because of what he did, though he had understandable reasons) was the exception. Many Americans served under the king based on principle.

1963 architectural detail, Moorestown Mall. An anchor store that’s now a Boscov’s.

Look familiar?

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