Friday, January 27, 2012

The Ron Paul newsletters
Andrew Sullivan seems to get it.
...when Paul has said what he has said in these debates, when he has walked into the lion’s den of a GOP primary and attacked the criminal justice system for racial bias, lacerated the war on drugs, and cut to the core of the delusions behind American global aggression, he deserves to be judged on his recent history as well as his increasingly distant past.

I acknowledge this newsletter incident is ugly, indefensible and, above all, cynical. I don’t think it is all that matters in the remarkable late career of congressman Paul. And that hunting for heretics rather than celebrating converts is a losing political strategy.
Man who would empty jails of mostly black drug offenders ≠ race-baiter. The platform matters, not a questionable campaign strategy 20 years ago. He still has all my support. Finito.

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