Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Obama’s cracking down on the church: follow the money
Via Mark in Spokane

William Oddie (whom I heard preach in England once):
How come so many Catholics voted for him last time?
Rhetorical? The immigrant/workers’-union/ward-boss politics of the old Dems, theologically orthodox, socially conservative, cheerfully corrupt in practice, and in theory well-meaning leftists vs the WASPs keeping them down. In shorthand, on the left economically, on the right socially. (Like what third-way-ers believe in.) Throw in today’s peer-pressure liberalism and many/most Catholics still hit the D button except well-meaning culture warriors (they go to Mass and care about the babies) who vote with the pro-war Protestant right. (As part of that PC pressure, Catholics felt the same guilt as other whites for O. to use.) Which, together with Vatican II’s sellout in practice, gets to the article’s point, that the bishops had been funding local leftist causes for about 25 years; Obama’s slap is to try to get them back in line and keep the money coming.

Hmm. Rather than Al Green (that was cute; I’m not being sarcastic on that) he could fittingly sing Cee Lo Green (no relation, ha ha; actually I like his music) to that old constituency. ‘Well, f*ck you, ohhhhh.’

For now I still say the depression and the Dinkins effect will sink him anyway, no matter which mainstream puppet the Republicans run.

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