Sunday, January 22, 2012

Results for South Carolina Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Jan 21, 2012 (100% of precincts reporting)
Newt Gingrich: 243,153 = 40.4%
Mitt Romney: 167,279 = 27.8%
Rick Santorum: 102,055 = 17%
Ron Paul: 77,993 = 13%
Rick Perry: 2,494 = 0.4%
Other: 8,192 = 1.4%
Our man won’t get the nomination. The Mormon robot will get it (he’s better-looking and voters are that dumb about that; people still hate Gingrich from the ’90s and the gossip about his personal life will sink him like Herman Cain) and the presidency. Obama will lose because of the depression and the Dinkins effect (he can’t guilt white voters twice). I’ll vote LP or if they run another dog like Barr (Johnson’s good enough) I’ll stay home a second time.

Of course I don’t want Romney but if I were his campaign manager:
  • Pour on the family-values corn syrup. He’s perfect for that. Squeaky-clean Mormons and attractive couple. (The yuppie-woman swing vote’s yours. He’s the handsome good husband.)
  • Not that the dopey Prot right matters (Santorum appeals almost only to them; most Catholics are still Dems) but just in case, do what Mormons always do with outsiders: don’t tell the whole truth about their goofy, stupid theology and by so doing just about convince everybody it’s only another conservative Protestant church, one that made a mistake about multi-wives a long time ago. Hell, compare it to mainstream churches being OK with slavery way back. That’ll shut ’em up.
  • Take Bain and greed and make them a positive. He’s as shrewd as he’s handsome: if he could make a killing in business, just think how he’ll turn the country around! (Which might work because most people think the government = the country = them.)
What if I were Newt’s Karl Rove?
  • Sell him as the alpha bad-boy maverick of American conservatism (‘charisma’, which Romney doesn’t have). Again, spin the bad press to good, or any press is good press. (Or that should be ‘any Web is good Web’, Twitter etc. since next to nobody still reads newspapers or magazines.) That Callista’s not unattractive for her age helps.
Gingrich’s contribution to American history: he held Clinton in check, helping a boom time with less government. An accident.

...even though he’s not as good as his dad, Rand in ’16?

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