Thursday, February 02, 2012

Candlemas for Philly Catholics
John Boyden is getting the word out that St Paul’s at the Italian Market will have Sung Mass tonight at 7.

Here ends the Christmas cycle for the liturgical year 2011-12.

Time to change the Marian anthem after the office:

Ave regina cælorum
Ave domina angelorum...

New to me: music including singing over the Last Gospel at High or Sung Mass, as done at Our Lady of Lourdes. Makes sense as it’s the priest’s devotion, put after Mass in the Middle Ages to fight the Catharist heresy IIRC. (My opinion: Mass starts when the priest opens the book and reads the introit, or at least unofficially when the choir sings the introit, and ends with the blessing. The prep office and Last Gospel are add-ons.) But it would be nice to hear the changing Last Gospel in missals older than 1962 for the liturgical day outranked/suppressed on some dates.

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