Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Church of Obama
His Act of Supremacy. America’s wannabe Henry VIII minus all the sex. (Like Henry and the ChiComs, Protestant America’s long wanted to cut the country’s Catholics loose from Rome.) Reminds me: Steve Sailer says before the first campaign O. thought his association with Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC: the mainliners’ mainliners*) in Chicago and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright would sell him to the evangelicals. (Credit: Wright’s right quoting someone about 9/11 being America’s chickens coming home to roost.) Maybe O. really is clueless about some things, including religion. The president’s religion doesn’t matter as long as he defends the Constitution but O.’s always struck me as a snooty agnostic. (Raised by irreligious white liberals and non-Christian Indonesians.)

*I read this week they, the New England Congregationalists as in the Pilgrims, had their first formal meeting with their 200-some-year-old offshoot the Unitarian Universalists, who are not Christians, which many don’t know. Fitting since they’ve just about caught up with them in that. When Calvinism falls, and Archbishop Robert Morse says it always does, it falls hard. Which is what the English and their upper-class American cousins (the founding fathers) did at the ‘Enlightenment’.

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