Sunday, February 19, 2012

From Cracked
  • The US Navy’s most accident-prone WWII warship. The destroyer USS William D. Porter. Surprised I never heard of this. The Arnheiter affair – more or less the Caine mutiny for real – was record ineptitude by a captain but that was in Vietnam. Subs are dangerous: there’s the WWII story Cracked covered about the U-boat that sank when somebody flushed the head wrong and the American boats sunk by their own faulty torpedoes turning on them, the Tang (America’s top sub ace, Dick O’Kane) and the Tullibee. Arguably the PT-109 too: as the Kennedy detractors I like point out, he could have been court-martialled for losing his ship like that but his dad wangled a medal (for swimming to rescue a sailor) and good press for him out of it. This takes the cake for sustained bad luck and clumsiness. Don’t shoot! We’re Republicans! Love it! (Regular readers know I’m anti-FDR.)
  • Hilariously inept spies.

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