Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From Mark Shea
  • Ron Paul is quite right: “We’ve slipped away from a true republic. Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.” That’s because it’s not left vs. right anymore. It’s our ruling class vs. the rest of us.
  • The new contraceptive mandate for Catholic institutions isn’t really about equality for women, or religious liberty. Rather, it is about population control.
  • The Church’s opposition to birth control is not that it is ritually wrong, like a Jew having to eat pork or a Muslim having to touch a dog, but morally wrong: something destructive to the human person regardless of religion, creed, or nationality. Even so, the Church does not go around trying to outlaw it for people who insist on damaging themselves. She merely says that she refuses to help underwrite it. And even that is not enough for the secular totalitarians of the Obama Administration.
  • Santorum has effectively voted to support abortion. Meanwhile, that kerrrayyyzy Ron Paul strongly opposes federal funding for birth control. Why? Because it’s not the job of the Feds to provide birth control. So we have a non-Catholic candidate who opposes compelling people to pay for what other people choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom, and we have a Catholic candidate who is “personally opposed” like Cuomo but who chooses to compel people (including Catholics) to pay for what other people do in the privacy of their bedroom, even when it includes abortifacients. I don’t hate Santorum for the reasons the mainstream does. I understand his appeal. And he’s got the mainline’s number and has the b*lls to say so. But of course I’d never vote for him. I’m not the left nor a third-way distributist white knight (‘Catholic social teaching’: sanctified social democracy/welfare state with enlightened at least pro-Catholic rulers, a state like today but family-values and just-war; the SSPX version would have a state church). Classical liberal/libertarian. Because like there’s no such thing as Catholic physics, only physics, there’s only economics, not Catholic economics.
  • The strategy of states seeking to dominate the Church is – as Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, the Nazis, and the Chinese Commies have all demonstrated – to foster a Patriotic Church, docile to the will of the Ruling Class, and then encourage devotion to that as “real Christianity” in contrast to the actual Catholic Church in union with the Pope and the bishops. We don’t live in a confessional country, so the state can’t actually make Obama the Head of the Church. But Obama can certainly help foster the perception of lickspittle bureaucrats, dissenting theologians, and sundry cringing suckups on the Catholic left as an alternative magisterium. That appears to be precisely the tactic he is taking with, of course, the willing and eager help of the MSM, who naturally portray the whole thing as Plucky Rebel Alliance of forward-thinking Catholics vs. Evil Empire of Sexually Retarded Bishops. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama were that arrogant that he wants to take over the church. But I think at least in practice he and his administration and campaign are more modest and realistic. He doesn’t care about the small religious Catholic so-con vote because he never had it. So far with the fake compromise he’s got a big part of his base back on board, the Catholic left of Modernists and indifferent Bad Catholics who get their cue from the larger culture and voted for him last time. Mission accomplished. (The depression and Dinkins effect – you can only guilt white voters once – will still sink him; the Republican bozo, whichever one, will win by default.)
  • It’s one of the odd ironies of history that we are just now, as the Church begins to really start feeling the consequences of decades of Woodstockized clergy, starting to get a lot of clergy who are orthodox and full of evangelical zeal and creativity.

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