Sunday, February 12, 2012

  • American Catholicism’s pact with the devil.
  • Economic and social conservatives, unite.
  • A story I didn’t know about and a reminder that Britain’s not America. The first openly gay Republican candidate for president, another one being blacked out (wrong of course)? Doesn’t matter: he’s mainstreamish; I wouldn’t vote for him. Anyway, one man’s friends: Of the five most hardcore, ideologically pure, articulate, über-conservative friends I have in Britain, every one of them is homosexual. Don’t ask me why: I leave it to you guys to come up with some ingenious overarching theory. All I know is that for the conservative movement not to reach out to its natural friends in the world of gay (sorry: I just could bring myself to use the phrase “gay community”. It’s the sort of phrase which makes my right-wing gay friends vomit) seems as short-sighted, as, say, not welcoming blacks or Hispanics. Libertarianism can reach them.
  • Vapid news coverage of Whitney Houston’s death. I read the news online last night. I didn’t blog about it then as I wasn’t a big fan and didn’t follow her career. I knew of her as another cautionary tale of drugs and wife-beaters: another very talented gospel-trained black singer but one ruined by her bad husband (not a bad entertainer), both has-beens from about 20 years ago. Not as gripping to me as Michael Jackson’s story, not that he was crazy but another black artist who worked his way up from poverty by putting on a top-notch professional show. So I appreciated the bio article. I learned reading there that in her heyday her music was criticized for not being black enough (not enough showy gospel melismas?) and her years of hard living cost her her great voice. Got hit this morning with the TV coverage described. The only useful bit: a few painful seconds of a concert showing that loss. All I can say is what a talent, what a waste and may she rest in peace.
  • Credit to Santorum: women in combat is a dumb idea.
  • That NC dad who recorded a video answer to his daughter’s bratty post including shooting her laptop at the end. He was right (unlike the Texan judge who literally beat his teen daughter: too bad the statute of limitations ran out; hope his career’s over) and entertainingly scrappy about it for most of it, but the world egging him on probably doesn’t help the situation (the awful job of disciplining her was a private matter), and he lost me when he lost his cool at the end and shot the laptop several times. The first bullet did the job and got his point across.
  • Juan Perón: probably not what you think. The general was a well-meaning man of the left, which predictably hurt Argentina.
  • A hospital’s mistake, an interesting riff on the ‘the sexes are just a construct’ nonsense.

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