Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Roissy
Beneath the bluster a substantial conservative message
  • Female hypergamy, one of his big points. Women’s natural attraction to strong men + original sin and concupiscence/fallen human nature = chicks dig jerks + the Sexual Revolution + feminism = nice guys end up alone (chicks share the jerks instead) and society goes to hell. His answer for nice guys: game’s a tool, morally neutral; using it just a little restores the right balance of power between the sexes and both men and women are happier.
  • It’s sad how society has beaten down male sexuality to the point where wanting sex is seen in the same light as being obsessed with sex.
  • What, ultimately, is the cause of the decay happening in the West? Another challenge to libertarianism. America is dying. Unless the powerful divest themselves from their voracious egos and accept that they have been steeped in a mountain of lies for 60 years, perhaps 150 years depending on your point of origin, and until that day they reverse the path they have taken this country, America’s slow, asphyxiating dying will finally, unmercifully, reach closure... A criticism of libertarianism from the right (such as R.) and left is it underestimates human failings and the need to keep them in line (‘of course people will act rationally’). I’m a minarchist not an anarchist (but I listen to anarchists) but the law of God is written in every heart, and Calvinism is wrong about total depravity so I’m not for getting rid of freedom! I don’t know the answer to the problem but R.’s asking some of the right questions.
  • The parable of the smart birds.
Recent non-news:

Chick digs jerk, 1962. Mimi Alford.

The Kennedy men. Immoral? Jerks? Alphas? Yep.

Confidence from inherited fortune -> a**hole attitude + chunky, handsome look, a side effect of cortisone treatment for Addison’s + dad’s bucks buying you good press and the White House = chick magnet.

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