Friday, February 10, 2012

A good word for Romney
Not really about the election but an interesting take from Steve Sailer at Takimag on the culture wars. I’ll never vote for Romney but his life is in many ways a testament to 1950s values. Word going around, from a book by Charles Murray, is the top classes benefit from living conservatively; the lower classes are self-destructing. I’ve said before that those values are Mormonism’s real and only appeal to converts (one of the article’s points: adopting normal people’s culture 50-100 years ago was a smokescreen they made up to get non-Mormons off their backs; BTW the state had no right to pressure them to change their religion; if you do no harm, you can have as many wives as you want); the religion doesn’t stand up to scrutiny (so they keep their people busy and in their social net so they don’t notice). Messed-up 2012 society has a perfect way to demonize ’50s normality by associating it with the crackpot Mormons (Stepford, ha ha).

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