Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is the black/white cognitive and achievement gap smaller in the UK?
Class is the big divide in Britain rather than race. “Class” is a 1500-year-long project to civilize the Conan the Barbarian warlords who inundated the Roman Empire to act like “gentlemen.” By the late 20th century, all that politeness, all that studying, all that self-discipline, was striking young males of the lower classes as pretty gay. Thus, chavism.

Of course, today we all know that welfare couldn’t have dysgenic and/or dyscultural effects. In fact, Science tells us that welfare-state Britain couldn’t possibly wind up after a few generations with lots of anti-intellectual yobs who think that studying is only for toffs and poofters, that toffs are poofters. How pseudoScientific Keynes was! He must have been a poofter toff himself to be so pseudoScientific.
From Steve Sailer.

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