Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama’s fake compromise in his war on the church
From the MCJ. Looks like it’s working for him: the Catholic libs are back in his pocket. Maybe he realizes the depression and the Dinkins effect (white-voter guilt only works once) are against him so it would be wise not to p*ss off a big part of his party’s old base. I still think he’ll lose though because of those two things. Of course he and the mainstream don’t care about freedom of religion, like they don’t care about peaceful foreign policy.

Of course, with the surprising exception of his going too far even for Catholic libs, the mainstream are on his side on this as this Protestant-bred culture (the New England colonists: people who wanted freedom only for themselves to rule you, still true of the SWPLs and the overrated Prot right, and who left England because they thought the king’s break with Rome didn’t go far enough) has always had an anti-Catholic streak and nobody remembers that, before mid-last century, opposing contraception and abortion wasn’t just a Catholic thing but a generally Christian thing.

Ad Orientem:
It’s as bogus as a $3 bill. Call it what you want. From my perspective it’s a cheap accounting trick that substantively changes nothing. The insurance coverage, paid for by religious institutions still has to cover all sorts of morally inadmissible things. The suggestion that the insurance companies are really footing the bill is risible on its face. If that were actually true it would be an illegal act since one cannot force people or businesses to provide goods or services at no cost. That’s pretty much elementary constitutional law.

I am inclined to agree with the usually overheated Bill Donahue on this one. Obama has just added insult to injury.
One can hope this is a wake-up call for the bishops, who, as others have noted, brought this on themselves with their many years (going back to before the Vatican II disaster?) of well-meant support of democratic socialism/the welfare state. Take money from the state and the state’s calling the shots (the government at least functionally runs the church).

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